Augmented reality based mobile marketing has key advantages over traditional marketing:

  • It's a very spectacular technology, which spreads quickly in new campaigns, with a huge viral effect that can be improved with social networks, allowing users share digital content. Being so spectacular also makes this technology very suitable for presentations at fairs or advertising to attract customers with stands.

  • Augmented reality campaigns achieve very high conversion rates and dwell times, compared with more traditional marketing channels. Major brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, KIA, Volkswagen, etc achieved great dwell times of around 25 minutes and conversion rates of 70%, much better values than traditional web campaigns, for example.

  • Wide target: Mobile devices are a growing market that already exceed the sales of personal computers. According to Juniper Research, 197 million augmented reality capable smartphones set to be in the global market in 2012. These studies made by this company also state that there will be 1.4 billion app downloads in 2015 and 2.4 billion in 2017, generating estimated profits of 1.5 and 5.2 billion respectively. To emphasize the enormity of that hearing, it would be 3.5 times the number of downloads of the most downloaded video game history (Angry Birds) in 2011!

  • Portability: Your brand's digital content directly into the hands of your audience, anywhere.

  • Engagement: Customers want to interact and communicate with your brand and products, let them do it!

Augmented Reality marketing slidesheet

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