i-Wow Atlas World

Discover the world in a different way.

A new dimension for playing and learning.

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i-Wow Atlas World

Atlas and interactive game for tablet with 5 conductive figures, globes, charts. Download the app and view the world in a different way.

4 game modes available: Discovery, Day & Night, Quiz and Cards.

Discovery mode: by pointing the tablet to the world globe, you´ll see where the countries are located and discover interesting facts and trivia.

Find the animations in the Discovery section, where you will learn more about the People, Wildlife, Buildings and Culture, all with subsections.

Each figure provides information about something different. Human: people; Horse: animals, Flag: culture. Building: buildings and monuments.

Day & Night: Drag the sun over the map on the screen to learn about time zones and discover where in the world it is day or night.

Quiz: Consists of interactive questions and tests. Each question is different, and you can see your mistakes and how much you have learned. There is a quiz for each subject in the app.

Includes 52 interactive country cards (with QR code), with interesting pictures and information, and with different "powers", to play a powers game.

Compatible with: Paquito mini, Mini iPad and iPad (iOS 7 onwards, update the system if you have iOS 6), Android 4.0 tablets. For tablets 7 "on. Minimum resolution 1024 x 768.

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