The company

Who we are

Mahei is the Spanish leader in augmented reality solutions for children’s education and entertainment. The augmented reality products that we design and develop are distributed throughout the entire world. We are currently revolutionizing the toy industry alongside Imaginarium and Educa-Borras.

The secret? We have our own patented augmented reality technology which enables us to create the best experience for users of any mobile device.

DNA Mahei

Our secret to building great products and technologies lies in two concepts:

Human capital

As a company directed by people who know the production process first-hand, we know how to choose, train and motivate the best engineers and artists.

This group of people forms a robust and dynamic team, highly dedicated to the development of innovative projects.


From our experience working for large brands and companies, we have learned that the client must be involved in the development process every step of the way.

Thanks to our cloud-based testing platform, our clients can observe the day-to-day evolution of the software. This allows us to correct any errors or deviations on time, always meeting deadlines.