What is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is one of the most intriguing innovations of our time. It is a technology that combines elements of the real world captured by a camera with multimedia elements such as text, video, images or 3D animations and models. Augmented Reality is by fact a very helpful and incredibly usable tool for overlaying artificial information about the surrounding real world in real time. It could be useful in our everyday routine, in education, science, marketing, etc..


Mahei designs its own augmented reality software for mobile devices. This means that our projects are limited only by our imaginations. Our technology is highly compatible with all types of mobiles, operating on 95% of Android and iOS smartphones. Also, our lightweight graphics engine can show any type of graphic (3D models, 3D animation, videos, etc.) with a quality far superior to that of any other technology. For more information, see the slides on the right.

Try our technology with the Mahei app for iPad & iPhone.